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Robert Whitelaw, Realtor®

Robert Whitelaw, Realtor®

Published:Apr 18, 2022

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Robert has helped clients successfully buy, sell and invest in real estate throughout Santa Clara County. Robert uses his local market knowledge to help clients across Silicon Valley!
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For any, interest rates above 5% are a shock, but not if you look to the past.

Where are interest rates at right now?

We are currently seeing 5% as the average interest rate for 30 year fixed rate mortgages. Historically, those are still good rates. However, buyers need to resist the temptation to maximize the amount of money they are able to borrow since other economic indicators will likely lead to increases in expenses.

So what should we do?


Make sure to carefully shop for loans that give you the best deal – as you should always do. However, now it would be smart to give yourself more of a buffer so that you are left with more cash at the end of the month.


Given the direction the market is going, if you plan to sell sometime in the next year or two, it just might be worth your while to move more quickly and get your home sold before the end of this year.


Leverage current rates to your advantage in negotiating on multi family homes. Consider house hacking if you are a first time investor. There is nothing wrong with using projected numbers when tendering an offer on an investment property – remember, investment homes are about the numbers, not the emotions – at least it should not be for you.

Some Links:

  • https://www.freddiemac.com/pmms
  • https://magazine.realtor/daily-news/2022/04/15/mortgage-rates-hit-5-for-first-time-since-2011
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