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Robert Whitelaw, Realtor®

Robert Whitelaw, Realtor®

Published:Apr 9, 2022

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Robert has helped clients successfully buy, sell and invest in real estate throughout Santa Clara County. Currently, Robert uses his local market knowledge to help clients from San Jose to Morgan Hill, San Martin and Gilroy.

Enjoy a replay of the Coffee & Real Estate Live Chat for March 2022

What did we discuss this month?

The Latest Market Numbers

As we do every month, we discussed and compared this months real estate numbers to previous months and to the same time last year. This helps us get a better perspective on where we are and where the market might be going. We identify trends and look for explanations that might help all of us make better real estate decisions in our own lives. This month, we saw that inventory is as tight as it has ever been. In Morgan Hill, we sold as many homes as were listed in the month. Join us next month for the real estate live chat to cover the latest stats and any questions you might have. We also explore the Santa Clara County wide numbers to get a feeling for broader trends.

What was this months coffee of choice?

This month we rolled our own! I just picked up a Gaggia Classic Pro espresso machine that at least makes me feel like I know what I am doing! The beans are Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC, Mocha Java Artisan Blend Medium Roast.

How is the current format of the live chat working for you?

The goal is to make these live chats as useful as possible. Would it be MORE useful by doing thing differently? Let me know if you have a preferance!

A quick rundown of all the homes that sold in Morgan Hill for the month.

New listings did continue to jump this month in Morgan Hill. It is encouraging, but we still appear to be selling them as quickly as we can list them!

Where to go to schedule a consultation with me

The new consultation scheduling tool has been working great and making it very easy for folks to reach out and set up times for a quick discussion about their real estate needs. If you would like to schedule a consultation, just click here to select the best day and time for us to discuss how I can help you!

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Real Estate and Inflation

There are so many headlines out there that are really leaning into how great real estate is during a period of rising inflation. The truth is a little more compicated than that and in some cases, the headlines are 100% wrong as it relates to the effect of inflation on home prices. Check out the show for the actual info.

Reviewing All The Other Effects of Inflation On Your Life

Inflation effects just about everything, we spend a little time looking at some articles that review critical items that are being effected by inflation.

Answering Viewers Questions About Salinas

Martha asked some questions about Salinas, so we take a look at some up to the minute data and discuss the Salinas market.

Of course, when live viewers ask questions, we explore them and try to come to some thought out conclusions that everyone can benefit from! Make sure to join me on the third Saturday of each month at 10AM for Coffee & Real Estate Live!

Check Out The Last Show!

san francisco living cons

Cons To San Francisco Living Get Omitted

I came across an article a little while back on Redfin where they were discussing the pros and cons of San Francisco living. As someone that is pretty familiar with San Francisco, I was surprised more by what they left out than what the included.

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