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Robert Whitelaw, Realtor®

Robert Whitelaw, Realtor®

Published:Jan 16, 2023

Born and raised in Silicon Valley, Robert has helped clients successfully buy, sell and invest in real estate throughout Santa Clara County. Robert uses his local market knowledge to help clients across Silicon Valley!

Lets hit 12 real estate questions you need to ask any agents you interview to work with.

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The real estate market has undergone a significant transformation recently. For many agents, the current market conditions are unlike anything they have ever experienced before. As a result, agents must work tirelessly to secure the best possible outcome for their clients.

As you search for the right agent for you, it is crucial to ask the right questions. The following list includes some of the most important questions you should be asking when searching for the right agent to help you buy or sell a property.

  1. How many of the homes you listed last year did you successfully sell?

  2. How many escrows that you opened successfully closed?

  3. How many of the offers you have written in the last year have been accepted?

  4. What is the average days on market for a home that you sell and how long is the average days on the market where those homes were located?

  5. How long have you been in residential real estate sales?

  6. How close to the initial asking prices of the homes you sold were the final sale prices?

  7. What types of specific marketing systems and approaches will you use to sell my home? (Look for someone who has aggressive, innovative approaches, not just someone who’s going to put a sign in the yard and hope for the best.)

  8. Will you represent me exclusively, or will you represent both the buyer and the seller in the transaction? (While it’s usually legal to represent both parties in a transaction, it’s important to understand where the practitioner’s obligations lie. A good practitioner will explain the agency relationship to you and describe the rights of each party. It’s also possible to insist that the practitioner represent you exclusively.)

  9. Can you recommend service providers who can assist me in obtaining a mortgage, making repairs on my home, and other things I need done? (Keep in mind here that real estate professionals should generally recommend more than one provider and should tell you if they receive any compensation from any provider.)

  10. What’s your business philosophy?

  11. How will you keep me informed about the progress of my transaction? How frequently?

  12. Using what media? Do you use paperless tools?

Asking these questions will help you to better understand an agent’s experience, track record, and approach to marketing, buying and selling properties. This will allow you to make a more informed decision and increase your chances of finding the right agent for your needs.

It is critical for agents to have a comprehensive understanding of the current market conditions and to be able to adapt to the changing needs of buyers and sellers. The market is highly competitive, and agents must be able to deliver results for their clients, including marketing, negotiation, and closing. They must also be able to provide their clients with a high level of customer service and keep them informed throughout the entire process.

The key to success in the real estate market is to track down and agent who will be able to provide you with the best possible outcome. This means being able to effectively market properties, negotiate favorable terms, and close deals in a timely manner. It also means being able to provide you with the support and referrals you need when the time comes.

In order to be successful in the real estate market, agents must also have a strong business philosophy. This means having a clear vision of what they want to achieve and a plan for how they will achieve it. They must also be able to communicate this vision effectively to you and to work collaboratively with you to achieve your goals.

Agents must also be able to effectively communicate with you and keep them informed throughout the entire process. This means using a range of communication tools, including email, text, and social media. It also means being able to provide you with regular updates on the progress of your transaction.

The real estate market has changed dramatically and agents must be able to adapt to these changes in order to be successful. As a potential client, it is important to ask the right questions when selecting an agent to ensure that they have the necessary experience, track record, and approach to help you buy or sell a property.

These questions should include information about their past sales, marketing strategies, agency relationship, service providers, business philosophy, and communication methods. By asking these questions, you can gain a better understanding of an agent’s qualifications and capabilities, which will increase your chances of finding the right agent for your needs.

Ultimately, the goal is to find an agent who can provide you with the best possible outcome and guide you through the process with professionalism, expertise, and excellent customer service.

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